Volcano Vaporizer Review

Volcano Vaporizer is a world renowned herbal desktop vaporizer made by Storz & Bickel, it is one of the highest rated desktop vaporizers in the world and has won multiple cannabis cup awards as best desktop vaporizer in the world. The Volcano Vaporizer uses advanced air-flow powered by a fan to draw out maximum heating as the Volcano uses a powerful and turbulent fan to blow the hot air to the botanical that’s inside the all ceramic glass heating chamber. The Balloon bag system The Volcano vaporizer is made out of is a state-of-the-art system to allow the storage of vapor to be held in a period of over 8 hours while you can extra the vapor out of the Balloon by pressing down on the valve stem which will release the vapor into the atmosphere ready for inhalation.

Volcano Design

Volcano vaporizer is built of all durable and quality components. There’s a reason why this vaporizer retails up to $500 and it is because of everything it is built out of, the quality construction of pure grade stainless steel is one reason. The Volcano can be bought as the Volcano Classic or the Volcano Digital. The Volcano classic has a temperature knob to be able to change the specific heating temperature from 266°F and 446°F and the Volcano Digital has an advanced and precise digital OLED display to be able to custom set the herbs to be vaped at 104°F and 446°F both types of designs are built to go the distance, the Volcano digital is a little more of a durable build, uses quality electronics and won’t ever short the electrical board when using the Volcano vaporizer to the max. This is a desktop vaporizer built in Germany and is shaped like a Volcano would be shaped at and will balance the amount of herbs in the herbal chamber easily to be able to extract that vapor in the balloon bag system.

SOlid Valve & Easy Valve Systems

The Volcano vaporizer comes with two different choices, each are designed to have their own advantageous. The Solid Valve system takes longer to set up, allows you to have a custom length balloon bag of over 4 feet of oven-safe heating acrylic bags and is recommended for more experienced users who don’t mind setting up a custom balloon to whatever size they want. The Solid Valve system tends to last longer since you can actually buy Reynolds heat safe oven bags to replace the original plastic when the residue builds up inside the balloons. The Easy Valve kit for the Volcano works for beginners better, there’s no set up time at allow. When you unbox the Volcano’s easy valve system, you will notice everything is in the box and ready to go, all you have to do is connect the valve stem into the heating rod of the Volcano and load the herbs inside the herbal chamber and then you’re ready to go. Although the advantage is the easy and quick set up and the only draw back would be the cost and maintenance is kind of on the higher end. When you need to replace a bag or part it tends to cost more, since there’s less parts to buy, the main-frame parts it uses cost more as you must be ready to have a larger budget to maintain the Volcano’s Easy Valve system.

Volcano Performance

IT will take around 60 seconds to fully fill the Volcano Balloon Bag. The Volcano’s convection air-powered heating system will extract the botanical and convert into vapor to turn into a gas which is then forced into a balloon bag to where you can inhale the purity of the vapor inside the balloon bag as you can specifically specify the heating temperature you set the Volcano at to be able to precisely vaporize your materials at the highest level to where you get the best amount of quality vapor.

Volcano Overall Buying Thoughts

Volcano Classic Vaporizer

Volcano Classic Vaporizer

The Storz & Bickel vaporizer, the Volcano vaporizer is a very expensive desktop vaporizer constructed out of pure stainless steel with a durable build. With The Volcano vaporizer system, you can choose from the Volcano  Classic Vaporizer or the volcano Digital vaporizer to have the type of vaporization to where you can enhance your experience with the amount of precise heating you set specifically with the amount of heating produced within the herbal chamber from the hot air it is produced using the high quality components for you to experience the maximum quality of vaping from the best desktop vaporizer in the world. The Volcano vaporizer is the world renowned desktop vaporizer that will easily save you 9 grams of herbs per ounce filter out the carcinogens to be able to vaporize at the highest standards with 85% more increased potency. This is a desktop vaporizer for everyone that wants only the best.

Volcano Vaporizer

$ - $500650
Volcano Vaporizer