Vapolution 2 Review

When you want a really good desktop vaporizer, it is the Vapolution 2 vaporizer that you want to buy.You are most likely walking around with a portable, pen-style vaporizer wondering if you are using the right device for your needs. Once you get used to vaping from the pen, you might be thinking about an upgrade and the next possible step would be for you to pick up a desktop vaporizer. Desktop vaporizers are a little larger than the pen-style you would be used to, but typically only around 12-inches square, by about 6 to 8 inches tall. These units will give you a bigger, smooth hit and most of the time you can do it all hands free.

Vapolution Vaporizer

Newest vapolution 3.0 out – read review here. , but right now we are going to look at the Vapolution 2.0. The vaporizer has some of the most popular features that are looked for in a good vaporizer. Some of the best features include glass on glass heating elements, car adapter for great mobility, quick start up time in less than 5 minutes and temperature control. The glass on glass is the best way to get a good vapor. An average vaporizer might use plastic pieces to produce the vapor and that will change the taste just enough that you realize it. The glass on glass design is not going to produce any other taste in the vapor and that is why high end vaporizers are so popular. Some vaporizers are made from plastic, or wood, but the Vapolution 2.0 is unique and includes a heating chamber that is made from steel and glass.

The super durable heating chamber will get your materials hot and ready in less than 4 minutes. Made in the USA means that you are getting the best quality possible when it comes to vaporizers. When you buy the Vapolution 2.0, you are going to get 1 12 volt power supply, 1 car adapter, 2 glass chambers, 2 retaining washers and 2 food grade whips that are about 3.5 feet long. The best part is that you are going to be getting these great features and everything in the box for less than $100. Your first desktop vaporizer can be a tough decision to make, but there is plenty of information on the internet that can help you along the process. There are even a couple of videos on YouTube that can shed some light on the type of vaporizer this is.

Vapolution Vaporizer

Vapolution 2 Vaporizer

Those that have the Vapolution 2.0 say they purchased it because it produces one of the best, thick and flavorful clouds every time you use it. That can be directly related to the quality build and products that the heating chamber is made from. The vaporizer is considered a whip-style device with a forced air delivery method, compared to direct draw and is compatible with blended materials. Most of the vaporizers that you find online do come with a limited warranty, but the Vapolution 2.0 comes with a lifetime warranty, which is just to show you what kind of company you are buying from. There are plenty of vaporizers for you to choose from on the market, but you should make sure you are getting the right product for your needs.

Vapolution offers some of the best glass accessories as well. The add-ons that you can choose when you purchase this device include a colored mouthpiece, rechargeable battery packs, vapor barrel, whip assembly and the wonder bowl. The All-in-Wonder Bowl is made from 100% glass, but does not give the 3-foot reach most whips do. The idea is that the more glass you have making up the unit the better overall experience you have with your vaporizer. Even though the reach is not as far, it would be perfect for a 1-person vape session. You can pick one up for less than $20 and you get to choose from 5 different colors. The overall length of the glass is just 9-inches. If you use the Vapolution 2.0 and you like it, come to our website and leave a review for others to learn from and help them make the right decision when upgrading to a desktop vaporizer for the first time.