Super Surfer

It is big, bad and vapes with quality and purity. They call it the dry herbal Vaporizer on steroids, exactly what the boyz over at 7th floor wanted. To partake a vaporizer as the biggest and baddest vaporizer in the industry, the Super Surfer is what it is called. The Super Surfer was officially announced to be released in May of 2015, that clearly hasn’t happened yet as we haven’t had any specific word on why the boyz over at 7th floor are stalling. The closest answer we were able to get was that 7th floor is anticipating the most sales they’ll ever see with the new launch of the Super Surfer. It is a unit that is already being developed and is actually finished. There just isn’t enough inventory to fulfill all the pre-orders. The Best thing is that this is a good sign and inventory is being built which is the only reason for the delay.

The Super Surfer looks just like its predecessor, the Silver Surfer but is actually lifted on a base which is suppose to be a wave as Super Surfer motto is ‘Ride the Wave’. This unit has been in the making for several years and is finally complete. The Super Surfer can do it all, it can fill up balloons with flavorful vapor or you can ride with conduction heating and fill the whip and inhale pure vapor.

Super Surfer Diaphragm

Inside the Super Surfer

The Base on the Super Surfer is a extra-thick, stainless steel base that contains a fan/heat generator as well as the LED ‘Mood Lighting’. The heater is also redesigned on the cover mount which will allow you to switch between using the whip or using the balloon bag system similar to what the Volcano can do.

Thoughts on The Super Surfer

IT looked like a mess when 7th floor showed us how it is made and a complete hassle to set up the balloons. The LED lights don’t look like they do anything important, there’s no temperature readout, the holes look like dust can fill in them even though 7th floor claimed this was its advanced air filtration system. THere’s a quick change heater cover that makes sure you won’t burn yourself when getting close to the internal components on the SSV. The Precise temperature settings are just two little knobs; one powering the fan and the other controlling the heating. The holes at the bottom are the advanced filtration system that filters out all the harmful carcinogens that are in the botanical.

The Overall Performance of The Super Surfer

It can be used 3 different ways. The first one is the standard whip kit, you turn the temperature all the way so it heats quickly and after two minutes you can set it to the regular temperature you want. While the unit is heating up is when you should put your herbs inside the herbal chamber. There’s a vacum that’ll suck your herbs up in the wand like so. It is a new feature 7th floor came out to make loading your herbs easy. The 2nd way to use the Super Surfer is the convection use. The fan will allow you to put pure vapor inside a balloon bag and the outside filter will remove any unwanted particles. The Balloon bag method is designed exactly like the Storz & Bickel Volcano Vaporizer. Your kit will come with a plastic bag, glass bag sleeve, 19 to 19 ground glass adapter, ground glass wand, sit clip and a female mouthpiece. The 3rd method to use it is the Super Surfer aromatherapy device that you lay your essential oils on top while you’re vaporizing it. You just need the aroma top and your favorite oil. The aromatop will be on top of the Super Surfer and you just rest a small amount of oil on the glass top and turn the temperature on the favorite setting.

Super Surfer

Super Surfer

Ease Of Use











            • Advanced Filtration System
            • Dual Vaporization
            • Balloon Bag System
            • Durable Caponents
            • Precise Temperature


            • No Digital Display
            • Heating Knob Integration
            • Unwanted LED lighting
            • Hassle Bag System