If there is one desktop vaporizer everyone needs to try, it is the Herbalizer vaporizer. It is the ultimate vaporization experience everyone should try. There are different aromatherapy settings; classic aromatherapy, vapor-therapy settings to put on. You can vaporize at temperatures of over 445 degrees and you’ll never see combustion in your herbs using this. It was a high quality device made in San Diego California, it is a proud vaporizer with amazing versatility in a ergonomic and high grade medical unit that was built by proud Americans. This vaporizer has amazing functions that no other vaporizer can match, it even has a hidden storage compartment to safely put your supplies without anyone knowing where it would be stored at.


Integrated Whip
It is a simple to use herbalizer integrated, medical-grade silicon whip which uses a optimal and powerful quite fan. The whip is built right in with the herbalizer, keeping it safe and out of the way of the unit


Free Style
There is a setting you can switch to that lets all the vapor into the room you’re in, perfect for those that participate in yoga, massage or other types of medicinal uses. It emits vapor into the atmosphere as air-borne vapor provides a soothing, relaxing environment. With pleasant aromatherapy smells, you can use your favorite essential oils which are diffused into your room.


Balloon Bag
Has an easy-squeeze valve that is made for simplicity. You just squeeze the valve and purified air will come out giving you a perfect environment to have aromatherapy sessions. Every 2 months you’ll want to replace your balloon.

Easy to use was the whole priority made by NASA engineers that wanted to create the ultimate vaporization experience that everyone would love. Looks like a clam shell and opens into a beautiful vaporizer. This vaporizer took over 4 years to produce and eliminates 100% of all carcinogens making this unit one of the best vaporizers to use.

Most stores sell this unit for over $700, but reading this review of this unit, you can grab it for only $699, a big savings from what you’d pay anywhere else.