Da Buddha

Desktop vaporizers might seem like a new product in the vaporizer world, but they have been around a while. There are some vaporizers that are smaller in size and pack more of a punch in terms of vapor, while others are clunkier and do not allow for portability at all. Most of the times you are not going to be taking your desktop vaporizer from your home, but you never know. Da Buddah is one vaporizer made by 7th Floor, in the United States and has been compared to the Silver Surfer or the Life Saber Vaporizers. Just like with many of the other vaporizers on the market, this one also features the ceramic heater element, which heats up fast and lasts even longer. Inside the heating chamber you will find ceramic heating elements and glass on glass action which produces the best vapor.

Desktop vaporizers offer hands free operation and allow you to enjoy a constant vapor that is going to be one of the best you have ever had. What you get with Da Buddah vaporizer is a quick heat up time, ceramic heating element, padded storage bag and a durable construction for longer life. This whip-style vaporizer comes with 1 ground glass wand, 3 feet of vinyl tubing, 1 glass mouthpiece, 1 SSV Stir Stick, 1 replacement screen, 1 instruction manual and 1 padded storage bag. All of these accessories and awesome features come with a vaporizer that you can buy for less than $150. If you are an experienced vaporizer user and would like more accessories or know what types of add-ons work for you, this model comes with at least 8 more optional add-on pieces that you can purchase at the same time if needed.

This vaporizer does not come with a digital thermometer display; however the temperature control knob does have certain settings marked on it. The manual will also give you a heads up as to what temperatures you should be burning at so you can experience the best vapor. For the most part, regardless of what temperature you choose, the unit will be up to temp within 4 minutes. Once you see the vapor building you can grab the whip and slowly pull the vapor to through the tube until you have the amount of vapor you feel is safe for you to inhale. The hands free operation continually gives you the vapor and all you have to do is sit back and enjoy it. Many customers like Da Buddah because you are not required to use your hands to operate it at any time during your session.

Once you start using your vaporizer more you are going to notice the need to clean it. Just like with anything you use on a daily basis, it will work much better if you keep it clean on a regular basis. Because the vaporizer is actually glass, you can get it completely clean much easier than with other materials. If you are using the vaporizer on a regular basis, you should replace the steel screens and whip tubing every 3 months at the most. Cleaning the glass is as easy as soaking the pieces in an Orange Chronic solution, which removes any contaminant or residue. Remember that a clean vaporizer is a happy vaporizer. Because Da Buddah vaporizer is a smaller model, you can take it just about anywhere with you by stuffing it into the provided padded storage bag and away you go.

There are a ton of vaporizers on the market and they come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Which one works for you is going to come down to what features you want, what type of vapor you are looking for and if you want to leave home with it or not. Once you narrow down those things, you should be able to find the one that is perfect for you. Some come with more accessories while others have less accessories, but you are able to buy add-on products to improve your vaporizer experience.

Da Buddha Vaporizer

Da Buddha Vaporizer

Ease Of Use











            • Easy to use
            • Durable
            • Easy To Use
            • Five year Warranty.
            • Advanced Heating


            • Conduction Heating
            • Not Portable
            • No Digital Display